Forklift Lease Service
For your factory & stock house

Servicing company: Thai-MC Company Limited
NDT (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

1.This project’s advantage

?We lease high quality forklifts with reasonable price!!
We provide you good conditioned used Forklifts from Japan, almost same condition as Brand new units for surprisingly cheap price. What enables this? As NDT has profession in dealing used machines, we can offer you high buy back price after the leasing period. This enables us to lease the well conditioned forklifts for very reasonable price. In addition, more than 1,000 units of NIKKEN RENTAL’s forklifts enable us to supply the exact machine you are looking for!

?Secured maintenance by Japanese monthly inspection system!
We execute monthly inspection/maintenance in Thailand, which is compulsory by law in Japan. In Thailand it seems that machine is inspected or repaired after machine trouble occurs. We maintain and repair machines by monthly inspection for minor trouble which leads to prevent major machine troubles. We are proud of our maintenance system which also prevents accidents.

After the monthly inspection we will submit a inspection sheet which manager can easlily see the condition of the machine.

?Trouble Shooting by Japanese monthly inspection system!
For machine troubles, well trained mechanic staffs take care of repair immediately. We also search the cause of trouble thoroughly and suggest you the solution. This trouble shooting leads to reduce the risk of machine trouble and minimize impact on your factory’s operation caused by machine trouble.

?Fixed maintenance cost!
Maintenance service cover the cost of repair for mechanical machine troubles by fixed monthly cost. Moreover, you can cut down excessive personal costs by a blanket contract including maintenance.

2. Monthly Inspection Sheet

3. Sample Photos